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I am one day past my shoot with Karen of Luxe de Fleur Boudoir and want to simply say that if doing a boudoir shoot is something that you've been considering, you should consider no longer and DO IT. I can't stress enough how warm, comforting, and professional the entire experience was. Sara truly did celebrity worthy hair and makeup, listened to my preferences, and even taught me a few things!  By the time I was ready to shoot, any nerves had melted away and from the moment we started, it was obvious that Karen knows what she is doing, and more importantly - she cares about you. We had such a good time and I am honestly speechless about how my photos turned out.




This is a must do for ANY woman, regardless of age or size! Even though it's way out of my comfort zone, I figured there was no better way to celebrate turning 40. After researching quite a few places, I found Luxe De Fleur Boudoir. Karen was extremely helpful from the beginning with help on outfits and how to prepare for the big day. On shoot day, I was immediately at ease (and the complimentary mimosa helped! haha). Sara, the hair and makeup stylist, was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of helpful tips while making me feel beautiful. When it was time to shoot, I thought it would be incredibly awkward but it was far from it. Karen was great at showing all the different poses, even getting on the floor to show you herself! I couldn't believe how fast the time went. I saw her photos of other women but never thought MY images would look like those. Book the shoot! You will never regret it!!

Cranberry Area Boudoir
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I saw a post about boudoir and instantly thought those woman are gorgeous, but I could never do that. In that moment I knew I needed to step out of my normal self and so I contacted Karen. Within seconds of talking to her I knew this was a way for me to get over some humps and see myself as a strong, confidence woman. The day was all about me…who knew it could be so fun! After a few poses and shots she looked wide eyed at her camera and smiled so big showed me her camera and said that is you!! I could not believe it. In those moments I felt on top of the world I had never get nor saw myself that way and not just in my body language but in my eyes I felt beautiful.

Wanna be on the inside track?

Hey girl! This is my personal invitation to join my private VIP Facebook group where you'll be the first to know about all of the juicy fun happening at the studio. It's also an empowering community for women to see behind the scenes details of the studio, have a little fun with posts and see what's it's like to work with Karen and her team.


A transformative boudoir experience that ignites your confidence, captures your essence, and
silences your inner critic.


Repeat after me:

"I can totally pull this off!"

 Whatever your reason for landing on my page, I want you to know I get it - a boudoir photoshoot may seem way outside of your comfort zone. Let me remind you, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

You are pretty enough, strong enough, and you are so capable. But it's important that you believe that too. Self love is a difficult journey, but you can do hard things. 

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Pittsburgh Area Boudoir

I feel beautiful, have more confidence and am a stronger woman now that I did this.




Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer
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Hi there! I'm Karen, owner of Luxe de Fleur Boudoir. I'm asked this question all the time. Why Boudoir Photography?

I believe 101% in the power of transforming the way you see yourself. 

Like most of the women in today's society, I too am on my own personal self love journey. 

The stories we tell ourselves as well as the stories we let others tell us has to change. The only way it can be changed is by what we let into our mind. 

I've experienced the power of a boudoir shoot personally. I know first hand the narrative it changed in my own mind.

So what do you say...Are you ready to change the narrative of your story?


Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer
To hear more about my journey as a boudoir photographer, check out this Podcast where I talk about my path to how I became a boudoir photographer as well the transformative process I offer my clients.

You deserve to feel this confident, amazing and beautiful  every single day.

Boudoir photographer in my area, Wexford, PA
Meet The Team
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PHOTO CREDIT: Marie Sales Photography

Sara Jenkins started at Sephora in 2016 and is a licensed cosmetologist. She has worked numerous jobs in the photography, commercial, and bridal industries. She specializes in glamour and loves accentuating her client’s natural beauty.

Sara Jenkins

Katie Sasinoski is a freelance makeup artist and stylist from Pittsburgh, PA. In 2016, she earned her certification from Make-up Designory in New York City. She is also a licensed esthetician. An expert in skincare, Katie believes the basis of a flawless makeup is skin that is healthy and well cared for. She has spent the last 6 years on film and TV sets designing character and fantasy makeup. Recent credits include Rustin, A League of Their Own, Archive 81, What If? and Sweet Girl. When she isn’t on set, Katie maintains an on-site wedding makeup business.


Katie’s true passion lies in connecting the person to the makeup by bringing out the best of what you already have— she challenges beauty standards that can cause us to second guess ourselves, and sometimes even our value. But Katie believes that beauty is everywhere, and she wants to help you create the best version of you! 

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PHOTO CREDIT: Kaela Speicher Photography

Katie Sasinoski
The Experience
Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer

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02. Schedule your session

High five girl! I'll be in touch to help you prepare with a private client guide.

03. Shoot day

Your day is finally here! My professional hair and makeup artist will glam you up like nobody's business and we're off to the races with me showing you exactly how to pose. 

Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer

04. After Your Shoot

You'll leave on Cloud 9 and grab a cup of coffee while I edit your images. You'll come back the same day to see your awesomeness and order your products. 

Love Notes From Our Confident Clients

Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer
Pittsburgh Boudoir
Karen really knows her stuff when it comes to angles, posing, and helping you feel beautiful. She is also really personable and funny, which helped to calm my nerves. ~ Cristin
Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer
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Pittsburgh Boudoir

If only I had a dollar for every time I've heard,"There's no way that's me!"  It is you. It's always been you.

Your Boudoir Photo Album

Choose a beautiful, high end, luxury photo album to store your boudoir images for years to come!

Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer
Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer

Check out this client's reveal!

Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer

1. Is boudoir right for me?

Boudoir is perfect for you if you are on a mission to see yourself differently, to talk more kindly to yourself, and to feel more at peace in the skin you are in. Boudoir is for all shapes + sizes, and you don't need to change one thing about yourself to rock this experience.

2. Where are you located?

My Pennsylvania sessions take place at my studio in the Pittsburgh area. My North Carolina sessions take place at a carefully selected AirBnb in the Pinehurst area. Once you've booked your shoot at either location, an address will be provided.

3. I am so nervous about my body! Do you Photoshop?

Firstly, it's totally normal to be nervous about your photoshoot. This is a totally new experience, and I'd be a bit worried about you if you had no emotions surrounding this giant leap of faith you are taking. That being said, I've got your back! I am an expert in posing your body so that you look and feel your best. While I do use editing software to soften some of the areas that make you self conscious, I also believe that the point of this journey is to call a truce with your body and find ways to love even the areas you wish you could change. So my job is to keep you, you. I promise you will fall in love with your images without a ton of editing.

4. What about hair/makeup?

When you arrive at the studio for your session, hair/makeup will be waiting on you. Camera-ready hair/makeup will make or break your beautiful images, which is why I carefully select my team of professionals.

5. I'm totally lost when it comes to choosing outfits! Helllp!

While is might seem like selecting outfits is an overwhelming experience, I will send you a prep guide upon booking, full of tips and suggestions to choosing the perfect outfits. During your pre-session consultation, we can talk through the options and come up with a plan. Outfits (which aren't limited to lingerie) can range from an oversized sweater, a bodysuit with your fave robe a simple white blouse--when it comes to sexy, the possibilities are endless.

6. Do I have to get naked?

No way! While making the decision to go nude (even implied), is a liberating experience, it is in no way required or expected. Remember, this journey is about you--we will work at your comfort level the entire day.

7. What is the investment for this experience? Do you offer payment plans?

I am happy to chat with you about the investment. Please fill out the contact form and I will go through all of the details with you. I do offer payment plans that make this experience feasible for any woman who truly values it.

8. How long after the session will I see my pictures?

Happy dance: For my PA clients, I offer same-day reveal appointments where we view your images together a few hours after your session. For my NC clients, we do your reveal via Zoom. Typically your appointment takes place 2 weeks after your session with me. During this reveal, we will see all your final, edited images and talk about how you plan to display them. Some clients are drawn to heirloom albums, while others love wall art. I will be there to guide you through the selection/ordering process (which is so much fun!) 

9. Will you use my pictures on your website or social media?

That is completely up to you. Boudoir is a very intimate, personal form of photography, and I will honor your wishes as to how you'd like me to use them (if at all).


You'll never be more ready than you are right now.

Luxe de Fleur - Boudoir Photographer
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