Luxe de Fleur – Boudoir Photographer

Well, hey there!

I'm Karen.

I'm a wife to my college sweetheart who believes in me no matter what and listens to me talk endlessly about my dreams. We have three adult children, way more than three animals, and lots of love to go around.

I love to accomplish things.
Whether I'm sweating it out on my spin bike, decorating a room in my home, or helping clients fall in love with themselves, I'm all about making an impact.

I live for connection.
My sessions are about celebrating the uniqueness of every single woman I work with. I fully embrace every emotion that comes with this experience, and there is no high quite like watching my clients come alive in front of the camera.

My love for photography began when I was exposed to Ansel Adams and his B&W landscape work. Photography was an outlet for me to express the world through my eyes. 
Eventually my hobby turned into a professional career photographing high school seniors capturing an incredible milestone in their lives. I'm proud to say I've been in business as a professional photographer for over 8 years.
Over the years, I watched so many mothers fall head over heels in love with the images of their senior, and it hit me--women need to have this moment, too. We are raising and impacting the next generation, so in the same way that we need to show up for them--to be an example of how to love your body and exude self love--we first have to show up for ourselves.

So here I am:
a burger + fry eating, Post Malone dancing, boudoir photographer that is obsessed with helping you exist in portraits.

All of my sessions take place at my studio in Cabot, PA with complimentary professional hair and makeup. Additionally, I travel to Pinehurst, NC where I rent a hand-selected AirBnb to offer sessions.
To hear more about my journey as a boudoir photographer, check out this Podcast where I talk about my path to how I became a boudoir photographer as well the transformative process I offer my clients.

Karen Bartos