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3 Easy-Peasy Boudoir Outfit Ideas

I get it. Picking outfits for your boudoir shoot can be overwhelming.

Well today is your lucky day because I'm going to give you 3 easy-peasy outfit ideas! What's even better is all you need to do is to look in your own closet. I tell my clients to "shop their closet" before shopping for their shoot.

1. SWEATERS - This is what we most commonly start off shoots with because it is playful and suggestive at the same time. It gives your hands something to do, too! Pair it with a cute pair of panties, and outfit #1 - done!

2. BUTTON-UP SHIRT - This is one of my favorites! It's so versatile. The button up shirt has a feel of waking up late on a weekend and tossing on a favorite shirt of your partner's. It can be tame all the way buttoned up or spicy pulling it open, taking it off, or letting it lay so it just barely covers you. You can also make it casual by incorporating a favorite flannel.

3. BRA & PANTY - Let's not forget about the basic in every women's wardrobe. A bra and a pair of panties. You basically wear them everyday. Take something you wear everyday and turn up the heat with it. What's your style? Lacey. Strappy. Fuller coverage.

See how easy that was?! Start simple and start with what you have!

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