Don't Lose Yourself

I send out a post-shoot questionnaire to all of my clients. I'm so grateful for those clients who take the time to fill them out. It provides me with so much feedback and reinforces why I do what I do. I thought you might like to hear what Lindsay said.

Q. How did you feel about yourself before your shoot with Karen?

A. I felt good about how I've been managing my life and my household, but was feeling down about myself. I get a lot of positive feedback for being a hard worker, reliable, etc, but I didn't have a good sense of self around my own energy and appearance.

Q. How did you feel about yourself after your shoot with Karen?

A. I felt so much better and more grounded. I realized that I haven't lost myself as much as it feels that I have sometimes. I know I said a few times "I can't believe that's me" but it was more that the person I was seeing in the pictures WAS a me I remember. I just haven't hung out with that "me" for a while!!

Q. What was your favorite part of working together and why?It was fun!

A. It was so nice to know that I didn't have to know HOW to do this and that you were there to be the expert. It was also nice to just be able to take direction and have someone else tell me what to do for a change!

Q. How would you describe me to a friend? Please try to write the exact words you would use.

A. Energetic, professional, supportive, fun. You felt like someone I've known for years!

Q. Please list the top 3 things that persuaded you to hire Karen.

A. Location, website/portfolio photos to start. Then I felt compatibility from our phone consult that made me feel like it was a good fit.

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