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Gasoline to the Flames

I'm honored to photograph real women with real life struggles. There are no models here. Felicia is the owner of my NC studio. I was in town visiting family and wanted to check out her space. She was more than accommodating allowing me to stop in while she was there working. From the moment I met her, we had a connection.

I always send my clients a questionnaire before their shoot so I can offer the best boudoir experience possible. I want to know their story. Felicia's story blew me away. As women we struggle with knowing we are enough. As moms it gets complicated. Read a little bit of her story and know I'm here for you. Let's refill your cup.

  • What prompted you to schedule a session with Luxe de Fleur Boudoir?

I have been on a physical and mental journey since the birth of my son, Caleb, in 2014. Pregnancy was not easy on my body. I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety following Caleb's birth. Just before his 2nd birthday Caleb was diagnosed with Autism. His diagnosis was gasoline to the flames of my depression and weight gain. I dedicated as much time as I could to his therapies and made little time for myself. Finally in 2018 I realized I could no longer give to him (or my family) as an empty cup. I made myself personally responsible to take care of my mental and physical health so as to be a full cup for my family. My journey isn't over-- it never will be, but I've come a long way. I booked the session at my husband's request. It'll be interesting to see myself as a desirable, wanton woman vs the tired, ragged woman that I feel like most days.

  • What do you love/like about your body? You MUST have something you like/love about your body.

I love that my body is strong. I'm not much to look at, but damn can I do some things. Through strength training and hiring a personal trainer I'm learning that I'm much stronger than I think I am. I'm listening to my body and as a result I have toned up in many places. The changes in my body are obvious but overall I look happier. There's a shimmer to eyes and a smirk in my smile that has been missing for a long time.

  • If you are doing this for your partner, what features would they say they love most about you?

I think I'm doing this in equal parts for myself and for my husband. Hands down though, Greg would say that he loves my butt. I don't personally think my butt is all that great, but Greg seems to think it's amazing.

See that look and that smile. That's a woman on journey. I'd love to be a part of your journey.

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