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"I left the studio on cloud 9"

Doing this was something I thought about for a while. I wanted to do something out of character for me to give to my boyfriend. The experience was amazing. I never knew that I could feel that sexy. When I first arrived I had some butterflies and did not think I would be able to do it. But I instantly felt comfortable with Karen and her makeup artist. When I finished with hair and makeup I almost cried because I felt so beautiful. During the whole photo shoot Karen guided me through all the poses and showed me shots along the way to let me know that my areas of my body that I am uncomfortable with were hidden. It's all about the angles. When we went through all the photos afterwards I was in shock that I could look that amazing.

I left the studio on cloud 9.

When I gave my boyfriend the finished product he was shocked that I would do something so thoughtful for him. He has not stopped looking at the photos since giving him the pics. I was nervous about his reaction but he exceeded my expectations with his reaction. He wanted to go through every shot again and again asking about the whole process. This has been an amazing experience and I recommend everyone try it.

I have never felt so confident. Karen was wonderful and she gave me something that I was lacking in my life....confidence.

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