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If I Can't Wear My Boots, I'm Not Going

I send all of my clients a questionnaire to get to know them a little better prior to their session with me. Kristen's response to the questions "Describe your clothing style" made me laugh out loud. She said if she can't wear her boots, she's not going. I knew from talking to Kristen on the phone that she was a country woman through and through, but some of her answers on her questionnaire confirmed it 100%.

She came to me wanting to see herself in a different light. She wanted to be more confident with her body image and love her body. We definitely accomplished that and more!

Flannel is Kristen's jam - that's what she's most comfortable in. We incorporated all of that into her shoot. I encouraged her to get one lacy piece for her shoot and she was so glad she did. I know picking pieces for your shoot can be overwhelming, but don't worry - I've got your back.

Kristen shed tears of joy when she saw her final images. And so did her sister who was a part of the reveal and ordering process. Her sister was so glad that Kristen could finally see the beautiful woman that all those around her saw.

I believe boudoir is for ALL women no matter your style. The process is about transforming the way you see yourself whether you shop at Rural King or Nordstroms. You need to see yourself the way others see you. You owe it to yourself.

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