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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

CONFIDENCE. When a client schedules with me, I send them a questionnaire to get to know them a little better and understand why they pulled the trigger and booked a shoot. Want to guess what the number one reason is besides a gift for someone?


Ah yes, the big C word. Since so many women expressed they were in search of this, it got me thinking. Here are some of thoughts on that wonderful word after reading a few interesting articles.

Confidence is a skill that experience says can and should be learned and practiced. What are you doing to build your confidence? Do you have daily affirmations you read? If you don't, then start.

Confidence requires you to be vulnerable. It requires you to admit your weakness and say "Yes, I'm going to work on improving..."

Confidence doesn't come from other people. There's only one place confidence comes from. YOU. Sure, compliments from those around you are nice, but if you don't believe them and embrace the compliments as the truth, they are empty words.

Confidence can take a lifetime to build but moments to crumble. Be mindful of what story you tell yourself. Is it helping your confidence or hurting it? Better yet, be mindful of what you tell other people. Help build them up the way you'd like to be built up.

Lastly, I know the perfect way you can take a step towards gaining confidence - a boudoir shoot whether it be with me or another boudoir photographer. Just do it girl.

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