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See your perfections

I love traveling to my North Carolina studio a few times a year and meeting a whole new set of clients. When Jayne heard I was coming to town she reached out. We realized our schedules weren't going to jive. I promised to keep her posted when I would be back in town.

When my schedule sorted out for my next trip, she was the first person I reached out to to say - hey - I'll be back in town. Thankfully our schedules lined up and I was able to help Jayne give her husband the birthday present of a lifetime. I cherish her words...

"What an amazing experience and day I will never forget.

Karen is a special person and a phenomenal photographer who made me feel so comfortable and confident. Most importantly, instead of me focusing on my imperfections, Karen helped me let my guard down and allowed me to see my perfections.

This was a birthday present to my husband and when he opened the album he was speechless with tears in his eyes. I didn't realize how empowering this experience was going to be for me.... it was a special birthday present that my husband will never forget, but it was the best gift I could've given myself!"

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