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Skyrocketing Confidence

After each of my sessions, I send out a client questionnaire asking for feedback about the overall client experience. I pride myself on constantly trying to improve my client experience and client feedback is invaluable. My clients are everyday women and I hope a peek into their responses will help you see you can do this too! What would you do with a dose of skyrocketing confidence?

Q. How did you feel about yourself before your shoot with Karen?

A. I was very nervous and full of anxiety, with not so much self confidence.

Q. How did you feel about yourself after your shoot with Karen?

A. Even just after the first photo she showed me during the shoot my self confidence sky rocketed! The anxiety went away and I was just in awe of the whole experience.

Q. What was your favorite part of working together and why?

A. She was very personable, made sure I was comfortable and my number one hype girl.

Q. How would you describe me to a friend? Please try to write the exact words you would use.

A. Karen is super fun, talented and easy going. She makes the whole process comfortable, explains everything step by step and helps you build that self confidence.

Q. Please list the top 3 things that persuaded you to hire Karen.

A. 1. Her pictures/editing style 2. Her personality that shines through Facebook 3. Pricing/packaging and free consultation.

I would absolutely recommend Karen! The day started with hair and makeup and outfit assortment. She went over step by step each pose and was the #1 hype girl! When I came back to view my images, she helped me sort through the perfect pictures for my soon to be husband. I was so anxious and nervous as this was something completely out of my comfort zone but she made that completely go away the moment I pulled up to her house. My self confidence went from 0-10 after seeing the pictures!

When I gave my husband the album on our wedding day, he couldn't stop looking at it. He said it was the best present EVER! Im so thankful for her and her team for such an amazing day and a wonderful wedding gift!

~ Ashlee

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