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What are you going to chase today?

Updated: Oct 3

You can have your excuses or you can have your success. You can't have them both. ⠀

<GULP> ⠀

I have a pretty notebook obsession. I have half a dozen that have notes scribbled in them, ideas, motivational quotes, mind dumps, lists, doodling, you name it. I love to pull out these notebooks and reflect on where I was during that time in my life - sort of like my journal, but much more unorganized. I came across the quote I wrote down a few years go. I needed to be reminded of this quote.⠀

Being a soloprenuer isn't always easy. There's no one telling you what to do but yet you have to do it all. CFO, accountant, marketing gal, customer service, IT are just some of the titles on your door. Some days I nail it - I'm in the groove. Other days I totally miss the boat. ⠀

But it's all good. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll show myself some grace and repeat the above saying. ⠀

What I love about the quote is the fact that it applies to every aspect of your life. It's not limited to business. It's all inclusive. You could apply it to your relationships, finances, your physical health, your nutrition journey. So my friend, where are you struggling with this? Remember, tomorrow's a new day - pick which one you're going to chase

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