1. Is boudoir right for me?

Boudoir is perfect for you if you are on a mission to see yourself differently, to talk more kindly to yourself, feel more at peace in the skin you are in or looking for that perfect gift for your husband or partner. Boudoir is for all shapes + sizes, and you don't need to change one thing about yourself to rock this experience.

2. Where are you located?

My Pennsylvania sessions take place at my studio in the Pittsburgh area. My North Carolina sessions take place at a carefully selected AirBnb in the Pinehurst area. Once you've booked your shoot at either location, an address will be provided.

3. I am so nervous about my body! Do you Photoshop?

Firstly, it's totally normal to be nervous about your photoshoot. This is a totally new experience, and I'd be a bit worried about you if you had no emotions surrounding this giant leap of faith you are taking. That being said, I've got your back! I am an expert in posing your body so that you look and feel your best. While I do use editing software to soften some of the areas that make you self conscious, I also believe that the point of this journey is to call a truce with your body and find ways to love even the areas you wish you could change. So my job is to keep you, you. I promise you will fall in love with your images without a ton of editing.

4. What about hair/makeup?

When you arrive at the studio for your session, hair/makeup will be waiting on you. Camera-ready hair/makeup will make or break your beautiful images, which is why I carefully select my team of professionals.

5. I'm totally lost when it comes to choosing outfits! Helllp!

While is might seem like selecting outfits is an overwhelming experience, I will send you a prep guide upon booking, full of tips and suggestions to choosing the perfect outfits. Outfits (which aren't limited to lingerie) can range from an oversized sweater, a bodysuit with your fave robe a simple white blouse--when it comes to sexy, the possibilities are endless.

6. Do I have to get naked?

No way! While making the decision to go nude (even implied), is a liberating experience, it is in no way required or expected. Remember, this journey is about you--we will work at your comfort level the entire day.

7. What is the investment for this experience? Do you offer payment plans?

I am happy to chat with you about the investment. Please fill out the contact form and I will go through all of the details with you. I do offer payment plans that make this experience feasible for any woman who truly values it.

8. How long after the session will I see my pictures?

Happy dance: For my PA clients, I offer same-day ordering appointments where we view your images together a few hours after your session. For my NC clients, we do your reveal via Zoom. Typically your appointment takes place 2 weeks after your session with me. During this ordering appointment, we will see all your edited images and talk about how you plan to display them. 

9. Will you use my pictures on your website or social media?

That is completely up to you. Boudoir is a very intimate, personal form of photography, and I will honor your wishes as to how you'd like me to use them (if at all).

Are you ready to rock a shoot?